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Our Recipients

The Foundation has awarded
$460,000 to date to deserving

"Looking back on the 2016-2017 school year as a UC Davis Freshman I am fortunate to say that I have been blessed with a    successful year, and I cannot thank the Julia I. Carrington Foundation enough for making it possible.  Since this scholarship  has provided me with sufficient funds to pay for my first year in college, I have been able to focus on getting hands-on  experience in the field I am passionate about, and did not have to worry about monetary implications. Thank you!”        - Savanah Nelson 

"When I came across this scholarship, I was extremely excited because I felt like the qualifications fit me perfectly: Living in Solano County and interested in Agriculture!"      - Caitrin Vadnais

"Being the recipient of this scholarship award goes far beyond the monetary value being placed toward my post-secondary education at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, studying Agriculture Business with a minor in Agricultural Communication.  I cannot express my appreciation enough for your generosity and investment in my future.  It is foundations/organizations like yours that help to make not only my dreams and aspirations a reality, but others who are also passionately pursuing careers in agriculture.  Your beyond generous award optimizes truly how selfless and caring everyone associated with the Julia I. Carrington Foundation and agricultural industy are.  Many things can be taught in a classroom, but it is what is done with the knowledge that truly educates me as an individual.  Being fortunate enough to be a recipient of this award allows me to continue my involvement outside the classroom as an officer for Cal Poly's Agribusiness Management Club, a committee chair for Cal Poly's Western Bonanza Junior Livestock Show, and many other Learn by doing ventures to cultivate friendships and advance myself as a young professional entering the agriculture industry."

           - Jillian June Raycraft

"Going into my freshman year of college I was worried about how I was going to balance school, work, and getting involved in the agricultural opportunities around me.  My family is pretty big, so when it comes to paying for college there is always an underlying worry of how we are going to afford putting all my siblings through college.  When I found out that I got this scholarship a huge financial burden fell off my shoulders.  It means so much to me that I can help reduce the massive cost of college in my family.  Along with that I can put more energy into my education and the activities that will help me towards my future career rather than spending my time working to help pay my tuition.  I am so thankful that the Julia I. Carrington Foundation gave me this amazing opportunity and I know that it is already having an immeasurable impact on my college education.  Thank you again!  I truly cannot express how grateful I am for your support of my academic endeavors."       - Dominique Sloper 

"Words cannot express my gratitude.  I will be honest that I had tears of joy that your committee has selected me as a recipient.  I was just finalizing my loan package but that will not be the case because of generosity of the Julia I. Carrington Foundation."

           - Margaret Swanson

"My family and I will always be grateful for the Julia I. Carrington Foundation. They have gone above and beyond, by continuously helping me pay for my undergraduate studies. As a first-generation and low-income family student, this significantly has allowed me to pursue my career dreams."      - Cindy Torres Camacho

"My family and I are beyond appreciative of the Julia I. Carrington Foundation and their help paying for my undergraduate studies. As a first-generation student, I was worried about juggling all of the elements of college, but stressing to pay for it was not one of them. Thanks to this generous foundation I have been able to focus on my studies in animal science and agricultural business, being a member of the Young Cattlemen's Association, and gaining hands-on experience at the CSU Organic Dairy. This foundation has supported my educational journey again and again and I could not be more grateful. I will be a senior this year, and my goals are becoming a reality thanks to this amazing scholarship."       -  Linzie Goodsell

"Upon learning that I was selected as a recipient of this scholarship I was overjoyed and truly appreciative of both the generosity of the Foundation and the time and effort put towards me. By awarding me this scholarship you have greatly eased my financial burden, allowing me to focus on what matters most at university. The generosity shown has reaffirmed the bond I have with Solano County and has inspired me to work to give back to this community. Whether it be through helping students at my alma mater, Vanden High School, achieve their post secondary educational goals or working to preserve the county's beautiful landscape. I hope to demonstrate the same generosity I have been shown. I am currently in my second year studying Ecosystem Management and Forestry through the Rausser College of Natural Resources at the University of California at Berkeley. I plan to graduate in Spring of 2025 and pursue a career in forestry and ecosystem management."      -  Luis Diego Riojas

Graduating Students
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